guaranteed learning success

You can get the feeling that you won't take much with some other providers (apart from the certificate). We, therefore, give a guarantee of learning success in our courses. In our courses, you will receive the necessary security and practical skills to apply the content and practices taught safely. If we failed in doing this during the regular course time, our instructor would practice with you until you feel confident.

If contrary to expectations and despite our instructor's efforts, you do not have a good command of the course content and practices even after further exercises, the course is on us, and you will get your money back! We only want to be paid if you are satisfied with us.

best-price-in-town guarantee

We are guaranteed to offer our courses at the best price in town. Here we work without strike prices, discount campaigns, vouchers, and the like. We are permanently cheap for everyone, no ifs or buts. With us, there is no punishment because you don't have the right voucher/flyer! If contrary to expectations, you find a comparable course at a lower price, we will undercut this offer by 10%. We offer you good courses without long price comparisons.

Special offers for members of individual organizations, (strongly) limited offers for purely advertising purposes, vouchers, etc., are generally excluded. If you send us these individual cases, we will be happy to make you an offer.